I am Patching Worker.

My life is full of patches.

Therefore I am Patching Worker.

I’d like to write for the person who is worried about the future, who is crushed by money, who is hitting a big wall,who has head freezes and be able to think of anything, who hate to work ,who want to quit their job but are afraid to step forward, who feel that their life isn’t going well anyway.

Why do I take such extra care?

Let me introduce my past life.

  • Born and raised in a salaryman family, I have lived my life on the rails that have been generally accepted.
  • I went to a cram school without feeling uncomfortable, enrolled in a public high school, and after that I enrolled in a university of engineering, although and joined an excellent company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as an engineer.
  • I was assigned to a local factory and had a lot of fun working.
  • Shortly before the age of 30, I was selected as a project member to expand into a factory in Europe, and I was transferred to Europe as the first team.
  • I had a hard time because it didn’t go so well due to the first team (there was no experienced person in the factory) also I didn’t have so much experience handling new factory
  • I couldn’t go home because the production didn’t go well.I made my wife feel lonely.
  • Just as the word “three years on the stone, I managed to get through and the work became fun and unavoidable because I worked hard for three years with the intention of dying.
  • It’s been 10 years since I participated in the introduction of technology, which is said to be the first in Europe and the first in the world.
  • I was also blessed with two children. Both gave birth locally.
  • In the latter five years of the ten years in Europe, I participated in the many projects, had more opportunities to get to know local CEO, and had more close interaction.
  • I grew up being told to join a big company, and I was happy with the environment at that time, but after interacting with successful CEO and getting advice, I became to aware of to be independent.
  • Ten years later from arrived in Europe, we returned to Japan at the age of 40 and became independent as a technical consultant.
  • After that, a big job came in and I moved to the United States with my family, but only two years after w emoved, my wife collapsed due to severe cerebral hemorrhage and fell into a coma for four days.
  • Life was saved, but severe right-sided hemiplegia, severe aphasia, dysphagia, and visual field defects remained as sequelae.
  • I was depressed by severe paralysis that I couldn’t sit in a chair and aphasia that I couldn’t communicate with.
  • The medical expenses charged to the hospital (30 million yen or more), the monthly medicine fee (about 120,000 yen), the rehabilitation fee (about 300,000 yen), and the dilemma of having to leave a painful wife at home to work My body and soul have become tattered.
  • I held a family meeting and decided to quit my job and return to Japan.

I would like to write a blog mainly from here.

Have I ever wanted to die? There are many times.

But it’s okay, because I’m here now,.

I might be able to offer you something that makes your life fun.


Patching Worker


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