The remaining ingredients for the New Year are gorgeous

I cooked sushi at my parents’ house this New Year.

I made salad Scattered Sushi with the remaining ingredients.

I missed a normal meal, so breakfast was vegetable porridge with scallops.

Of course, the scallops are one of the remaining ingredients.


I made brown rice porridge by combining the stocked sea bream soup stock with kelp soup stock and kelp soup stock.

vegetable porridge with scallops.

Dinner was Scattered Sushi and sake.

ingredients are as follows.

  • remained vinegar rice
  • Seaweed
  • Shredded yam 
  • Shredded lettuce
  • scallop
  • deep-water shrimp (sweet shrimp)
  • salmon
  • amberjack
  • salmon roe
  • tomato

I get yelled at by God because such a luxurious Scattered Sushi by the remaining ingredients.

With gratitude, we had them with the remaining sake.

Picture Scattered Sushi is for 4 persons.

An amateur cooked sushi on new year〜Please watch video

A happy new year!!

I am Patching worker from Japan.

I’ve lived a turbulent life full of seams, so I imagined the name from patchwork.

When I saw my parents who had become weak recently, I felt regret that I wouldn’t have a family around New Year’s Day.

So I gathered together because of the short travel distance.

I think there are pros and cons now because of Covid situations becoming bad, but I don’t want to regret it, so I decided to do it under all possible measures.

Making of Sushi

I woke up early in the morning and prepared vinegar rice.

Ratio of rice vinegar 180cc, mineral salt 50g, honey 60g.

Commercially available sushi vinegar contains a large amount of sugar, so I prepare house made sushi vinegar.

A little over 2 tablespoons for 1 cup of rice (Amount before cooking)

I put the rice in a styrofoam case in order to carry it to my parents’ house.

Let’s make grilled mackerel sushi.

Setting the cooked mackerel and put it in a wooden sushi mold.

Make sure to remove the bones perfectly.

Finely chop homemade pickles, chopped Japanese ginger, and spread small onions evenly.

It’s for creating the texture enjoyable and other purpose to neutralize the fat of mackerel.

Put sushi rice. Then press.

Please enjoy today’s sushi material photo studio and videos of sushi serving and sushi. ..

salmon roe
sea urchin
Snow crab
flat fish
House made boiled conger eel (Teriyaki taste) でブログを始める.

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